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Letters to the Editor: Why it’s time to normalize relations with North Korea

The Los Angeles Times 23 May 2022
... Ussuri River war ... Former President Trump threatened nuclear war with North Korea with his “bigger button” comment, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine ... should do everything in its power to avoid a nuclear war by mistake.

Russia will soon have 50 '14-storey high' Satan-2 nukes capable of reducing Western enemies into ...

The Daily Mail 23 May 2022
Russia has increasingly resorted to nuclear threats against the West over its support for Ukraine, as the tide of war has turned against Putin's forces (pictured, a Sarmat-2 test) ... 'NATO is waging a war against us,' he said at the time ... 'In a nuclear war, NATO countries will be destroyed by us in half an hour.

Stop the Denial: Ukraine Is a Proxy War that Will Lead to Wider World War

GlobalResearch 23 May 2022
Does the presence of US and European troops in Ukraine mean a global nuclear war is imminent? It;s unlikely. Just as Vietnam did not lead to a nuclear war between Russia, China and the US despite the NVC receiving steady supplies and training from Soviet and Chinese forces, there is minimal chance that global nuclear war will erupt from the Ukraine.

'Either we win or this will end badly for all of humanity': Putin's state TV ...

The Daily Mail 23 May 2022
The head of Russian state-backed TV network RT said 'things will end badly for all of humanity' if Russia doesn't win a military victory against Ukraine, hinting at a nuclear strike should the country lose the war. Russia's state-backed media has become infamous for its anti-Ukrainian rants since the war broke out in February 24.

What we got wrong about nuclear risk reduction

The Hill 23 May 2022
One of the group’s was to advance, “policies and doctrines that could reduce the role of nuclear weapons in security policies, prevent escalation leading to the use of nuclear weapons and lessen the danger of nuclear war, including transparency on nuclear doctrines and arsenals, ...

Duterte hopes next admin would consider using nuclear power

The Philadelphia Inquirer 23 May 2022
MANILA, Philippines --- Outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday he hoped the incoming administration would explore nuclear power ...

Biden Rhetorically Comes to the Defense of Taiwan But Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The American Spectator 23 May 2022
is president? Will the United States extend its nuclear guarantee to Taiwan? Will the U.S ... That can lead to miscalculation and war — a war that under current circumstances, the United States will not likely win; and a war, as a recent article in Foreign Affairs warns, that could go nuclear with unimaginable consequences.

Idaho Strategic Resources Adds the Lemhi Pass Project - The Largest Known Concentration of Thorium ...

News-Press Now 23 May 2022
The Company's stance on Thorium as a future source of nuclear fuel is in-part driven by our nation's shift toward decarbonization, and the well documented historic nuclear race between Thorium and Uranium during the onset of the Cold War (for those interested, see Super Fuel.

Is a ceasefire realistic between Russia and Ukraine? - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 23 May 2022
But, life includes tradeoffs and balances and many in the West calculate that such an outcome may be the less bad option compared to war with a nuclear power managed by a desperate war criminal willing to scorch the earth ... That does not resemble joining a war against a nuclear superpower.

Kyodo News Digest: May 23, 2022

Kyodo 23 May 2022
Kishida, Biden to boost alliance amid war in Ukraine, assertive China ... alliance in response to Russia's war in Ukraine, China's growing assertiveness and North Korea's nuclear and missile threats ... seems to be readying a missile or nuclear test during Biden's ongoing Asia tour.

Kishida, Biden to boost alliance amid war in Ukraine, assertive China

Kyodo 23 May 2022
alliance in response to Russia's war in Ukraine, China's growing assertiveness and North Korea's nuclear and missile threats ... North Korea has carried out a slew of missile tests this year, and speculation is rife that it has completed preparations for another nuclear test.

Defeating Putin Is the Only Route to Peace in Ukraine

The Atlantic 23 May 2022
For all of those reasons, Putin may well believe that a long-term war of attrition is his to win, not just in southern and eastern Ukraine but eventually in Kyiv and beyond ... I understand those who fear that, confronted with an impending loss, Putin will seek to use chemical or nuclear weapons; I worried the same at the start of the war.

When should a secretary of defense or senior general quit?

The Hill 23 May 2022
Since 1789, this has worked. With the onset of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, the ... With only minutes to react, if the president gave the order to unleash America’s nuclear weapons, that would be a de facto declaration of war. But only Congress has that authority.

What's Biden's End Game in Ukraine?, by Ron Paul

The Unz Review 23 May 2022
For Washington, spending on war and empire always seems to trump America’s interests ... The Biden Administration claims that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia and that such an expenditure to protect Ukraine’s borders is critical to our national interests and worth risking a nuclear war over.

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